The GIFT Initiative Packet

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THE GIFT of planning and conversation is important. You may think of Advance Care Planning as being about death and dying, but it is really about how you want to live in the time you have left. Discussing values, personal preferences, and end-of-life care can provide a shared understanding of what matters most.

Studies show that when planning and conversations have taken place, people are more likely to have a peaceful death, and family members are less likely to suffer from prolonged grief and depression. No one knows what the future holds, and we cannot control or predict our health. We can plan ahead, share with our loved ones what really matters, and – when that time comes – help make the decisions easier.


  • helps keep end-of-life conversations simple & stress-free
  • helps you determine and communicate your values and preferences
  • contains legal documents to help you and your loved ones
  • gives peace of mind

NOTE: This kit provides general information, and is not intended to replace specific medical or legal advice. No Advance Care Plan and no one conversation can include all the decisions you and your loved ones may face. The GIFT Initiative’s purpose is to make an end-of-life journey the best it can be – for you and your loved ones.