Paul Harmon Prints

To support the work of Alive, artist Paul Harmon has graciously donated 10 different images, signed and printed in strictly limited giclée editions of only 24 each.

These prints are available exclusively from Alive, and 100 percent of the proceeds from these prints will support Alive’s work in the community. Each print is individually numbered, titled, and signed in pencil by the artist.

Note: Often, even in “Limited Edition Prints,” the editions can run into the hundreds. These prints are truly limited and rare as only 24 of each image are in the edition, numbered 1/24 to 24/24. Three of each were reserved for the artist as proofs. Printing files and any printing overages were destroyed.

Your purchases support the mission of Alive Hospice, Inc. For tax deductibility, consult your tax professional.

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